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Recuva was almost done, then it froze and closed.

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It was doing fine. I could see some of my music that I was looking for  but no word docs. Then when it was almost done after going for hours,

it froze and unexpectedly closed. Now my laptop doesn't even show my external hard drive after that so I don't know what to do now????

I payed 30.00 for this and I am getting so flipping frustrated. If this is as good as it gets, I will most likely need my money back.

Can someone help me to get my files back??? Or at least tell me why I can't even see the external hard drive now? I read that one of the cons of this software is

when recuva is searching for lost files it destroys the processor. Is this true?? And does that mean the processor on the external hard drive or the one on my brand new laptop??

 So far my experience with this software has been very nerve racking! HELP ME PLEASE??!!

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Where did you read that? It is nonsense, Recuva reads files only.

What was the state of the external drive? Why were you recovering files? How large is it?

Were you running a deep scan?

You can't see what Recuva is finding until it has finished the scan. How could you see files if it was 'almost done'? Do you mean scanning or recovering?

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