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CCleaner Software Updater - Add more Apps


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Hello Piriform,

in CCleaner you have the Software Updater, that tells me what updates are available on my system.
When that feature was new, there were only some apps on my system detected.

But now (several months and several updates later) there is still only a very small number of apps detected.
If that feature should be successful (and if that feature should be an argument to buy CCleaner Pro) then you have to support at least 500 apps.
It would be OK to see that there is a new version available and users have to download and install the update manually.
But in the current state this feature is totally useless.

I see a huge potential in this feature but you have to add more apps!

Best regards


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Today I updated CCleaner to 5.61.7392 but here still only 4 applications are detected by the Software Updater.
In the list Uninstall (also in CCleaner) there are 127 entries.
I know many of them are system apps, but there are about 50 apps that should be detected by CCleander.

So is the Software Updater neglected?
Or is it dead even right after birth?

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I had a quick look at FileHippo (I checked only some appsand found the following apps there:

  • Google Chrome

  • FreeCommander XE 2015 (I have FreeCommander XE 2019)

  • TeamSpeak Client 64-bit

  • MailWasher

  • paint.net

  • FreeFileSync

But none of them is listed in the Software Updater (all of them are listed in the Uninstall)

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5 hours ago, Andavari said:

Paint.net can at least update itself if allowed.

I know that Paint.net can update itself, all applications that are found  by CCleaner Software Updater on my system can update themselves:

  • KeePass
  • VirtualBox
  • TeamViewer
  • Skype

Although these apps are able to update themselves, they are detected by the CCleaner Software Updater.
So in my opinion all apps from FileHippo should be detected by CCleaner Software Updater.

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  • Admin


Thank you for the feedback! We use a few internal guidelines when deciding what to add to the Software Updater list:

  1. First, do no harm
  2. Provide real value to our users
  3. Promote good, free software


"First, do no harm" - This is one of the core principles of CCleaner. We want PC management and optimisation to be easier for everyone. An essential part of that is providing safe solutions that our users can rely on and trust. For Software Updater, this means we generally won't provide updates to apps where we have seen that our update system doesn't work well alongside the creator's update method. We also look carefully at how we source new versions to check they come from reputable sources and from a secure location.

"Provide real value to our users" - If the product generally does a very good job of updating itself, we don't see the need to try to take over that spot. Similarly, we're also on the lookout for software that doesn't have a great update process, or that our users really want to be ready to go at a moment's notice. We are also looking into more direct ways of sourcing suggestions from our community so we can make the software list more robust and relevant. I've made a note of all the items you've suggested. :)

"Promote good, free software" - CCleaner started life as a free tool and in the 15 years since the free version has helped many millions to free up space, uninstall hidden apps and remove unwanted browser plugins and startup items (and more). We want to support creators who provide good, free tools that simplify our digital lives. Where we're aware of reputable, reliable, free software whose teams could really benefit from having users on the latest version, we'll consider including it in Software Updater. If you, or anyone else, has any suggestions for free software that could benefit from inclusion in the CCleaner Software Updater, please let us know!

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