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How do I automatically select duplicate files??

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Hi, All,

I'm using CCleaner to locate duplicate files on Windows 10.  Great tool.  However, I've got thousands of duplicates!  I've manually selected and deleted around a hundred and it took forever.  Is there a way--either through CCleaner or another way--to select the files for me?  Otherwise this will take weeks! 

Thanks in advance!

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It is deliberately meant to be like that, so that you have to think about what you are doing and don't delete the wrong things.

Some files, especially some system files (.DLL's and the like) NEED to have duplicates in different locations for your computer to work properly.
If you could just delete them without thinking about it then you could very easily break your computer.

Unless you are very experienced then you should only use the Duplicate Finder to look for duplicates of things that you have put there -  Photos, Videos, Music, Documents, etc.
Leave any/all system and program files well alone.

And then it's still up to you to decide which you want to remove (if any) and which you want to keep.
Nobody else can decide that for you, especially not a program.

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