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problems with registering professional version

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I have the professional version of Ccleaner.  When i started up CCleaner, at the botton right in an orange box, it states "upgrade to Pro".  I have the professional version, and at the top menu it states that this is the professional version.  I just thought that maybe i need to renew, as I lost track of when i last renewed.  I clicked the orange upgrade to pro box, went through the steps, purchased the professional edition.  When i relaunched Ccleaner, it still has that orange box at the bottom asking me to upgrade to the professional version.  At the top menu, it states that i have the profession version though.  I'm totally confused.  Thanks in advance,


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That was a banner intended to tell free users that they could upgrade to pro to perform automatic cleaning, and to give a handy tip to tell paid users that they already had automatic cleaning and how to use it.

We had some feedback that some users got the wrong message. We pulled it last week until the targeting is checked.

If you think you may have accidentally purchased twice, shoot an email to support@ccleaner.com with your details and they will sort you out.

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