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Retaining User IDs after cleaning

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Can anyone tell me very simply how do I stop CC Cleaner [Free Version] from removing my user names/personal IDs 

from the various accounts I use eg for banking etc? It is a pain to have to check the data and to re insert these every

time I use CC Cleaner to clean the computer! Also, how often do you need to clean the computer? Thanks for the advice!


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You can go to Options, Cookies, and keep the Cookies you need. Or, untick in Cookies on the browser you use in Custom Clean. If you use Easy Clean and it will everything with the default Settings.

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To illustrate what TwistedMetal is saying about 'cookies to keep' see the screenshot below.

Obviously Mybank.com and Other Account.com are false names, I'm not going to give the real ones.
You need to find the cookies for your bank and other accounts that you want to keep.

  1. Visit the site where you want to keep the details and log in.
  2. Open CCleaner as shown, find the cookie in 'Cookies on Computer' and click on it to highlight it.
  3. Then use the arrows in the middle to move it into 'Cookies to Keep'.
  4. Custom Clean will then leave it alone in future. (Easy Clean will still remove it though).


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Worried about 'Tracking Files'? Worried about why some files come back after cleaning? See this link:


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