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having trouble removing a jpeg!?


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Hi Humpty,

i saw your post regarding removing unwanted items with Unlocker. I tried this software but the jpeg that i have still won't open!! Can you shed some light on this?

Cheers Bro


Try the app "Move on boot " at the link below.


If unlocker couldn't do it then it must be a stubborn one.


If still no joy post in the forum that you have tried those apps and you still can't get it delete.


Move on boot


Thanks for that Bro,

i tried what you suggested (move to boot) but it would not go into the drag/drop file or source file/folder, would not open up.

Thanks for your time though Bro i do apprieciate it!!

Regards Bro



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Have you tried removing some attributes and then renaming it using wildcards, as seen in this post.




Hiya Andavari,

not sure what this means?


(Open a Command Prompt and change to the directory where the offending file is located.


Example of how to change directories:

CD "C:\Documents and Settings\User Profile Name\Local Settings\Temp")


I have tried to rename it to shorten the name but still it will not let me? I cannot drag it anywhere, open it up?




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Changing the command prompt to the directory is how you can use command line tools to aid in the removal of the .jpg.


If the filename is too long you have to use the command based tool called REN to rename it otherwise Windows itself won't be able to do anything with the file.


If you post the directory location of where the file is located I can create a batch file that should or may automatically remove the file for you.

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