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automatic or ask cleaning not work to microsoft Edge browser

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23 hours ago, APMichael said:

Maybe this will help:


Yes, was probably ok help, thanks. I did first mentioned reg file with name in quotes and added that w double click to registry.

then restarted computer, after that some surfing w edge, closed it ..and i see cc-cleaner again working as before, autocleans edge.


sure there is in edge settings too possible some its own auto cleans when close browser, but cc-cleaner seems to find somemore,

as it works sometime even after little surfing.


I think restart is needed, anyway, if add that reg file. before that i did one test, not worked , if not restart computer.

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The included readme file does suggest to restart the computer, unlike that topic. I haven't edited not knowing if a restart is needed or not in that topic due to all the full quoting done after my post in there since it would make a mess.

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