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how to not clean bank verification information

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Options.... cookies

Find your website in left-hand list, highlight it, and using the middle arrows on the page, move it to the cookies to keep list. If It's not there, visit it first.

Is this what you meant?

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I have the same problem with Lloyds Bank in UK. They save my PC so that I don't need to do the extra security check each time. After I clean with CCleaner I always have to do the check again. I have preserved all cookies related to the bank. I ran CCleaner without cleaning cookies or internet cache at all for Chrome and it was fine, but if I clean Internet cache (but not cookies) the security check returns. The information that the bank has stored is therefore not a cookie but must be something in the cache.

Is there any way of finding and preserving it?

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Many webistes save such information as a 'Form', so try unchecking 'Saved Form Information' as well as 'Passwords' for Chrome.

Or you could right-click on 'Saved Form Information' and Analyze to see if your bank has put something there, and make anything that it has an exclusion.
(I don't know about Chrome but Firefox just saves all form information in your user profile as one database file called 'formhistory.sqlite').

Be aware though that some sites, especially those dealing with money, do require you to enter your password etc. every time you visit.
Even if you tell your browser to save the information the website will not allow those fields to be autofilled and you have to type it in every time.
It's a security measure so that if your device is ever stolen the thief can't just automatically access you money.

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