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Cookies (Local Storage\leveldb)

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CCleaner's entry "Cookies" for Google Chrome, Chromium browsers and Opera cleans the LevelDB of the folder "User Data\*\Local Storage\", but leaves many traces. The main LevelDB file *.log will be cleaned, but the clean-up process unfortunately creates new *.ldb files with all the previous data from the *.log file! The MANIFEST-* file then also contains traces of visited websites!

Please check if you can optimize this. Thank you!


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I was deleting "User Data\*\Local Storage\leveldb" but just recently I've found out that
it breaks my "
RSS Subscription Extension (by Google) 2.2.4" extension's settings and
I have to configure it again each time,

the problem is that there is a random file in there, like "000171.ldb",
which increases in size, 1,5mb currently :S

so what can we do piriform/ccleaner people??

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Unfortunately, many suggestions and fixes do not seem to have a high priority at Piriform... ☹️

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