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Setting for automatic browser cleaning when closed

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When I close Opera, CClean automatically cleans it. When I close any of my other browsers--Vivaldi, Firefox, Chrome, or IE--CCleaner will pop up and tell me that the browser has closed, and, for a few seconds, if I wish, I can click on the blue "Click here to clean" in order to clean the browser.

Where is the setting in CCleaner to automatically clean a given browser when it closes? The image I've attached is of the CCleaner gui with the browser cleaning options showing, and you'll notice that the settings are identical for Firefox and Opera. Superimposed on that image are the CCleaner messages that appear above the system tray, the top one being what appears when Opera is closed, the other one being what happens when Firefox is closed. It seems like I have a vague memory of telling CCleaner to automatically clean Opera at one time, but, if so, I can't find where to do so in its gui.

By the way, I do not like the relatively new gui, with the "custom" and "easy" clean settings. I prefer the old-fashioned one. Maybe Piriform should poll its users.


CCleaner gui + browser closing msg.png

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Try Options>Smart Cleaning and setting the action to be carried out for each particular browser that you use.

You can set different actions for each browser which is probably what you are seeing.

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Worried about 'Tracking Files'? Worried about why some files come back after cleaning? See this link:


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Thanks. I thought I had looked everywhere to find that setting, then decided that it must have been in an older version of the gui, but that the CCleaner updates had retained the setting. Here are the settings you refer to. For some reason, I was expecting the setting to be in the "custom cleaning" settings for each browser.


Browser cleaning setting.JPG

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