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Evaluating Speccy - Incorrect system stats shown

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So I have been evaluating speccy to possibly purchase.  But there are all sorts of issues with this program.

Mostly the stats provided on my system by your application are incorrect.

My Motherboard is showing red at 118 degrees centigrade!  I think at that temperature I would have a melted heap of silicon and plastic.  Yet Asus AI Suite 3 shows 39 degrees, which is far more accurate.

Your CPU temperature stats shows my CPU at idle at 51 degrees Centigrade. Again AI Suite shows 41 degrees.

So now I am beginning to question if any of your stats within the application are correct??


Anyone else seeing these types of issues?




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  • Admin

A significant percentage of the posts in the Speccy forum relate to people observing that the temperature readings tend to be out these days.  This is indeed a known issue which is on the list to address in the next release.

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