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CCleaner not cleaning files on my #2 hard drive

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I recently cloned my 1st hard drive to a 2nd hard drive.  In the process some of my Firefox profile files, on the cloned hard drive, were marked as the default ones.  But when I run CCleaner (5.00.5050) Free,  it's cleaning the non-default Firefox files on the 1st hard drive, even though they aren't the ones being updated every time I use Firefox.

I realize this is an unusual situation, but is there a way to set CCleaner to  clean the Firefox files on the 2nd hard drive.  And it's not just the Firefox files, but my WinXP temp files (and others) on the cloned hard drive as also the ones being updated.  So I need to point CCleaner at both hard drives.  Is this possible?


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If the old hard disk is still plugged in perhaps change the boot order in the BIOS so that the new cloned disk has priority. And if that fails unplug the old hard disk.

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