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Slows down waiting for disk drives..


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Hello, my system has 6 disk drives. At the end of the day, when i run ccleaner,

I have noticed in Task Mgr, that ccleaner appears to be going thru each disk, in order, and spiking Utilization to 100%, before moving along to the next drive.

This process is creating a lengthy lag time of "waiting", while some disks spin up.

I DO NOT have Secure Deletion, nor Wipe Free Space, checked.

Is there anyway to tell ccleaner to really IGNORE the drives after C:\ ??

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If you have Recycle Bin cleaning enabled in CCleaner try disable it to see if that helps, since each Local Disk in Windows will have a Recycle Bin that it will attempt to clean.

If you have configured Custom Files and Folders to clean on other partitions that will cause it to access those disks too.

To have it exclude certain drives, files, folders, registry data that setting can be found in Options->Exclude.

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