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Avast blocks CCleaner

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I have succumbed to a good offer for CCleaner Professional.  However, when I try to run CCleaner I receive the following popup:

Avast Sandbox . c:\Pogram Files\CCleaner\CCleaner64.exe  >  c:\Pogram Files\CCleaner\CCleaner64.exe . > The extended attributes are inconsistent.


I have posted on both the Piriform forum and the Avast forum and received no help.  Can someone please advise me how to get CCleaner working.  This problem has been ongoing for some time, even when I was using the free version of CCleaner.  I am not running CCleaner within the Avast sandbox, having tried both with and without posting CCleaner as an'exception' within Avast.  As CCleaner is now owned by Avast, why is there a problem?

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@General Dogsbody in the meantime, for the benefit of others (since this seems to also be an issue that you were experiencing with the free version) can you post a screenshot of the error message?  Also have you tried some of the recommendations here? 



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Just to make sure here;

Can we assume that "c:\Pogram Files\CCleaner\CCleaner64.exe" is a typo?


"The extended attributes are inconsistent" is a Windows Operating System Error, (not CCleaner or Avast) see the following for possible fixes:



One of the solutions there involves running SFC.

You may want to hold off doing that for a couple of days, see this post by Hazelnut -


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