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CCleaner prompting for update even when prompting for updates is turned off

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Every day I get prompted to update my CCleaner and they want to charge me to do it.  I have it set to not inform me of updates, but I still get prompted every day.  How do I turn this off?


I get these notifications popping up every day.


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Firstly you need to note the distinction between "Update" and "Upgrade".

"Update" is keeping your application (Free or Paid) current with the latest version.
"Upgrade" is changing from the Free to the paid for 'Pro' application with extra features.

So even with "Update" notifications turned off you will still get "Upgrade" offers. (Summer Sale, Black Friday Sale, Winter Sale, etc).

Everybody using the Free version gets shown them, and many complain about them.
It's marketing though and they are not going to stop anytime soon.

Having said that, it shouldn't be being offered every day - when it shows it should set a cookie/reg. entry to say you've seen it and not to show it again.
They do usually stop after a few days.

PS. That is quite an old CCleaner version that you are using there, updating to v5.59 (Free version) may calm down the offers.

PPS. I also note that it says you have Windows 10 Enterprise.
That is a business version of Windows and shouldn't be available to Home users?

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Indeed, official confirmation of @nukecad's response above:

  • Users will receive a notification when a new version of CCleaner is released. These updates are free. Notifications can be switched off, but as with any software we recommend staying up to date with the latest version.
  • Note that you are on the old version 5.46 which is now 13 versions out of date (https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/version-history).  With the constant flow of updates to the software that CCleaner cleans, anyone running that far behind is likely to run into compatibility issues - and may receive occasional additional free update notifications relating to this.
  • Offers to upgrade from free to Pro are infrequent, and only when there is a sale on. Sale periods generally run from 7 to 14 days, during which time a user may receive as many as 5 messages - but usually only 2 or 3.
  • Some users on older versions were reporting that they were receiving messages daily during sales periods.  This was fixed in version 5.54 and above. There would still seem to be a very small percentage of cases remaining but these are generally edge cases where a user has blocked the setting of the "I've already seen this so no need to show it to me again" flag.

Also, as @nukecad observed, "CCleaner Free" is only available for home users. Businesses need to pay for CCleaner.  That said, if you are trialing CCleaner in a business environment you may find that the proper managed endpoint versions of CCleaner for business would be more appropriate to your needs than the stand-alone version that you are currently using. DM me if you would like someone to get in touch with further information.


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It may not be a business use @Dave CCleaner

I recall starting a previous thread about Windows Pro home users suddenly showing as Windows Enterprise.

One or two had been confirmed as company laptops, but the rest remained mysterious.

Never really got to the bottom of whether it was a Microsoft error, or if they were dodgy installs bought of ebay and the like.

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