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End of Ccleaner support


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Your decision to partner with Avast! ends our support and recommendation of your software. Avast! is the WORST anti-virus company in the world because they sell a bloated package (like Norton and McAfee) that is absurdly overpriced and utterly underpowered. Avast! misses more viruses than it catches. As a tech, I can promise any user of Avast! that they will get infected with a virus within a month of use and, though I cannot prove it, I believe it comes direct from Avast! themselves because we all know that all anti-vrus companies have a group of programmers in the basement designing nuisance viruses to "keep the threat alive" which keeps sales up.

That you would choose to partner with such a company tells me that you don't care about the consumer in any way. I cannot in good conscience to my customers recommend a company with such an attitude.


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We had no idea. Usually the installer asks to install Google Chrome. This was the first time ever it asked to install Avast for us and we installed Ccleaner on every machine we've sold since before it was called Ccleaner. We have never and will never install Avast due to my own personal experience with the software.

Live and learn. Thanks for the info.

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They have recently stopped offering the Google toolbar, which may be why you are now seeing the Avast offer instead.

Most of us still disagree with any offer being pre-ticked to catch the unwary.

EDIT I see that in the screenshot above the offer is not ticked.  So if it installed anyway that would seem to be a different issue.

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Worried about 'Tracking Files'? Worried about why some files come back after cleaning? See this link:


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