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Can't upgrade from 5.44.6577 to 5.58

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I purchased CCleaner Pro and downloaded ccleaner558_pro.exe.  When I ran the program it installs version 5.44.6577.  I try to upgrade but nothing happens.  With CCleaner running, I click on the "check for updates" link on the bottom right side.  It tells me I have 5.44.6577 installed and there is a new version 5.58.7209 available.  I click on the YES button.  A pop up showing a progress bar appears.  The progress bar moves across until it reaches 100%.  But then nothing happens.  CCleaner remains at version 5.44.657.   And now when I click on the ccleaner558_pro.exe file I get an error screen indicating there is an error opening file for writing: C:\Program Files\CCleaner\CCleaner64.exe.  I have a 64 bit computer with 64 bit Windows 10.  I am the administrator.  When I right mouse click on the ccleaner558_pro.exe file and select "run as administrator"  I get the same error.  Just exactly how do I install version 5.58.7209?  After all, that's the version I paid for.


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See the second section here


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