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cc-cleaner says i should update skype but skype says it is latest version?

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i have this cc-cleaner pro version, where is other programs update checker,

now sometime it says my skype is need of update, but not long i updated skype

and two times check, i should have latest version, skype not find me new updates?


so does cc-cleaner know there is coming later new update, that skype just not give to me too soon??

or cc-cleaner not work to tell right information about if i should update skype??

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It's a known issue.

The Software updater is for some reason reading various software versions differently from what the software itself says. (and Skype is one of them).

It seems to be partly a Windows issue.
Often the way that the software registers its version with Windows, is different to what the software itself says internally.
The two things are not always consistent.

We've had a thread on this recently about where Windows will put an extra ".0" in the CCleaner version number.
(You can see it if you right click on CCleaner.exe and look at the version number in Properties).

So if the updater reads it from the Windows listing of what programme version is installed then that might not be the same as what the programme says internally.

The answer would seem to be to read it directly from the programmes .exe file rather than from the Windows listing.
But it's not that simple.
Trying to do that would meanhaving to scan all of your drives, for all installed .exe's, and then reading each .exe to find the version number (Which of course will be in a different place and format in each .exe).
That's going to take a lot of time, about the same as a whole disk anti-malware/anti-virus scan.

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Worried about 'Tracking Files'? Worried about why some files come back after cleaning? See this link:


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