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Windows Store is acting up

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Hi guys! I have just downloaded the latest free version update on my CCleaner...but my computer refuses to do the update process...

The previous one in May...I received a notice from Windows on my computer that CCleaner is not backed by the Windows Store, and asked me if I wanted to install it anyway, I said yes.

Now it refuses to even give me that screen... I get a Windows Store screen (which I received the previous time too, with the message), but then the screen goes blank and just doesn't want to load.

Any idea why that may be happening?

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Because Microsoft are playing Big Brother again?

Try going to the CCleaner 'builds' page and downloading the 'Slim' installer. That doesn't have the bundled offer so Windows should allow it to install.


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Was what you saw before something like this? 


If so, you'll need to go into the "Apps & Features" settings for Windows 10 (just start typing "Apps" in the Windows search bar) and if the "Installing Apps" option says "Allow Apps from the Store only" change it to one of the other two options to let yourself install software.


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