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CCleaner v5.58.7209


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This release contains improvements to Chrome cleaning and Easy Clean.

Easy Clean

  • Fixed a bug that was causing Easy Clean to disappear from the navigation menu

Browser Cleaning

  • Fixed an issue that prevented Chrome's Download History from being fully cleaned


  • Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer is no longer offered in CCleaner

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File Verification
Please find below the MD5 and SHA-256 file hashes for verification purposes.

CCleaner Installers

ccsetup558.exe - CCleaner Free Installer
    MD5: cc3d934c39b7d11e5b50cefb5c85b602
    SHA256: 4c5bcfc6a3ba65d8330ebf0a58a65fb17dcd68824ac9cb81c7102ce3d7268c36

cctrialsetup.exe - CCleaner Pro Trial Installer
    MD5: 1b2a142b2d0c06630e77e39c8caaf15c
    SHA256: 3261aad7bafdec6fedc91690c3da52802b560cb33bd8604abf495a4a92b646d6

ccsetup558_pro.exe - CCleaner Pro Installer
    MD5: a12c681819d851ada3865d51f6dd6f53
    SHA256: 7014c7b468c7a5bf24801fad65d135158ae8fed282b8dd646736faa76def4118

ccsetup558_be.exe - CCleaner Business Edition Installer
    MD5: 80e3c940f150593d17dac55d96c1d29d
    SHA256: 8f625de90c7249122996c4120b0a5aafd4f136a24657d7b3263e493d530e1f0e

ccsetup558_be_trial.exe - CCleaner Business Edition Trial Installer
    MD5: 6821830320d7daac8886588f3b75dd11
    SHA256: f7a132619843b56a7c39272e1bc6af2cc7c47d2574d113ae953392c1086767fe

ccsetup558_x64_be.msi - CCleaner Business Edition 64-bit MSI Installer
    MD5: 559568d0210cd0559cc8c66de4b988ba
    SHA256: 23fbc098f7e17a99ccf94978d07817d89357329e8371fc71f72659e13eecaa1f

ccsetup558_x86_be.msi - CCleaner Business Edition 32-bit MSI Installer
    MD5: c32fd9427baf58364133431427bcfbf7
    SHA256: 5c74313e5907daf698e8ca2f07cc120fc29360d645383f955a9d3547881af91c

ccsetup558.zip - CCleaner Portable (zipped)
    MD5: e10f45d3eead5d898afffb0919a27fd9
    SHA256: 4a55bf8357a1c137d3a26b9177dd27fb5cc2c79fdff8b1088e5f57962106c440

ccsetup558_slim.exe - CCleaner Free Slim Installer
    MD5: 4fc2f091894d002cf91e8cd6ff89fe90
    SHA256: 356884a8df4cf4b532af826f3abda67b7c899e7d7fad037c192b2f11b7dc455b

ccsetup558_te.exe - CCleaner Technician Edition Installer
    MD5: 9ac1470a986300ce6f8635e1e3f57702
    SHA256: b6932cd438090485834dd4935b7f19bf0d1fa4985369ecb3a2957d5f91ecda4c

CCleaner Application Executables

CCleaner.exe - CCleaner 32-bit binaries
    MD5: 2146faf43ca239dc9193a3bdccf0a5fe
    SHA256: 984fcc2741cb15fac35166e841c5c7cc2042928540abb5cf39fd758c332ca745

CCleaner64.exe - CCleaner 64-bit binaries
    MD5: 832de2a1d8801f69b6dfcf119f091854
    SHA256: 01c5a7b7009b691e8c43dd0f7566bc34c082f8585ac514992d74f8ffef685d51

CCUpdate.exe - CCleaner Emergency Updater
    MD5: 5fc4fba746025d85fc961be5e1a4d29e
    SHA256: 8f659ef5adfafd73161769545aeb78ff1f18345c7b25b69a6885f9a7b71fe44d

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