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CC Cleaner/MS Money - Default Browser Broken Link


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Download latest version of CC Cleaner (v5.57.7182 64-bit). Ran program and nicely cleaned up the computer.

Opened up MS Money Sunset version and selected "Connect to Bank". MS Money would not recognize the default browser., Google Chrome. Tried switching default browser to Internet Explorer. No good.

Been using MS Money since 2000 and never had this problem.

Thinking that there is a command in the new version of CC Cleaner that may have deleted the linkage in MS Money to the default browser.

Would like to get this issue resolved.

Any thoughts or suggestion are appreciated. Thanks.

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  • Admin

Are you running on Windows 10 and had an update recently? I recall Windows 10 being highly problematic for Microsoft Money users.

Also, did you try checking the internet and browser settings from within MS Money itself?

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Dave, Thanks for the quick reply.

Actually I am still running Windows 7 with all the applicable updates on a Lenovo Thinkpad.

And yes, I have checked the internet and browser setting within MS Money.

i am stumped.




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I would check out the latest news about Chrome. Especially do a search for Chrome and MS money.

Google are changing quite a few things that may (will) impact some older applications.

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