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Ccleaner becoming annoyware

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I don't use it very often, maybe one a month or less, but am tired of seeing ads to upgrade to paid 'premium' edition every time  go on my computer. Yeah I know it's free, but it's annoying. Making me think there is a new updated version EVERY time and then clicking to find out it's just an ad for a paid version isn't making me buy this. I taking it off my computer and looking for alternatives. Again, yeah know it's free but I seem to remember Ccleaner being much better many years ago. I can have my opinion like everyone else.

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"Buy Now" messages will identify themselves as such, with mentions of price or savings if there is a promotion going on at the time.

If you are using an outdated version of CCleaner Free you will receive notifications that a newer version has been released, particularly if you are on an extremely old version.  The link there will take you to a page where you have the option to purchase CCleaner Pro for the additional features, automatic updates and priority support - but you can also "no thanks" your way through to downloading the update for free.

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