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Windows 10 update error


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since it wasn't related to the thread it was posted in, and to try and make it stand out to enable better responses, I split it into its own thread.

to get the conversation started, so the upgrade from Win7 to Win10 went OK and now you get that error when using Win10 updates?
what have you tried so far to fix it?

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@hazelnut you may want to moderate/remove that link.
My Malwarebytes browser extension blocked connection to it with a "Website Blocked due to Fraud" message.


Fraudulent websites appear to be one thing, like a tech support site, a dating site, or a shopping site with illegal products or great deals, but they're really scams to try to steal your information or credit card details.


Assuming that you had a genuine problem and were not just posting a spam link:

As hazelnut says 80070103 is a driver error; It's not serious and is more of a warning than an error:


If you receive Windows Update error 80070103 while installing updates, you might be trying to install a driver that is already installed on your computer or a driver that has a lower compatibility rating than one you already have installed.

You should be able to simply ignore it and continue with the install.
If it won't let you then try updating your drivers before trying the Windows update again.

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