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Duplicate File Finder

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Is the "original" listed in the resultant list provided? Or is this list only the duplicates?  If the latter, where is the original file located?


thanks for the help 

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It will only list the duplicates.
(If you have ticked the option to match by 'Modified date' then any duplicates found will have the same date anyway).

Duplicate Finder is meant to help you by doing the tedious searching for you, but it can't read your mind and know which you may not want to keep.

Once you have a list of duplicates it's then up to you to investigate further, (look at them and their properties) and decide which of them (if any) you want to remove.
There is an option to save the list of duplicates found to a text file, which can help you do that.

Be aware that with system files and application files sometimes duplicates files are needed in different locations for applications to run correctly. (Especially duplicate .dll files).
If you remove those 'duplicates' then the application may stop working or give odd results.

The main use of the Duplicate Finder is to search for photos, videos, documents, etc. that you may have (inadvertently?) made copies of.

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