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CCleaner 5.57.7182 stuck/freeze during IE cleaning

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Sometimes when i run CCleaner, it stuck at IE clean for some time and after some time it continue with Esent error (Event 489 - WebCacheV01.dat only for reading) in windows log.

But sometimes is stuck completely without doing anything for some time (CCleaner clean IE cookie that moment), then i must hit cancel button and after that CCleaner completely freeze and windows must shut down CCleaner. (Application hang - Event 1002).

I use default settings for IE. Win 7 64 bit

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You have added to an old post, it's best to make your own new one for a new question.

We'll need a few more details to give a meaningful reply.

Could you tell us:
Which version of CCleaner are you using?
Are you using Health Check or Custom Clean?
Which Windows version are you using?
Which anti virus are you using?
Which Browser(s) do you use?

If you are using Custom Clean then what does it say it's stuck on?

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