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I have my mobile connected to a laptop and have accidentally deleted a whole file of photos off the phone via the laptop. On my mobile, I have gone to the ccleaner website and clicked the download link to get the free recuva (I have done this 3 times I think now) and each time it seems to download, no problem. The page says "Thank you for downloading Recuva" and a little notification pops up on my phone saying "download successful". However, whenever I tap this it takes me somewhere on my phone that says 'Archive preview' in the background and in the forefront there is a Note saying 'Unable to open', with the only option being to press OK.

Have I done something wrong? I'm not very "computer savvy" and really have no clue what I'm doing!

Please, please help!

Much thanks,

TiredandDesperate (and on the edge!)

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