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Tweaking the keep cookie options

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I really, REALLY, love that I can keep certain cookies when I run ccleaner.  BUT it's always a guessing game if I've got the right ones.  Is there some way you could categorize who the cookies are from?  For instance: media (magazines, newspapers, networks), banking/financial (banks, credit unions, etc.), memberships (could vary, but things like AAA, other organizations that one has to join).  Actually, I suspect that it might be necessary for the user to occasionally choose a cookie and submit it to a website to find out where it came from.  If you were keeping a categories database,  once we knew where, we could pick a category for the organization.  (Who could guess that "Spire" and "Firefly" are financial institutions?)

Do you see where I'm coming from?  My bank, my ISP, and  a dozen or more member-only websites have dropped cookies on my computer to make it easier for me to log in the next time I visit their sites.  So I want to keep those cookies.

OTOH, some media sites want to limit what I can view per month--and I'm happy to delete their cookies every time.

Media to which I subscribe--I want to keep their cookies.


If there's any way you can make it easier for me to figure out which is which--even partially--I'd be very grateful.  Those of us who work on other folks' computers to help them would like to be sure our custom cookie lists can work with the easy clean, also.  Perhaps a checkbox for that?

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[OPINION]While this sounds like a good idea, I don't think it would be possible, as the cookies themselves don't contain this information and there are over a billion websites most of which use at least one cookie so piriform couldn't keep a database like which you've suggested.[/OPINION]

That said, the developers often add viable suggestions so if it's possible you might see it added.

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