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"Check for updates" button not working correctly

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Hi.  First-time poster.  I hope this topic isn't covered elsewhere and I simply failed to see it.

For the last few weeks, the Check for Updates button has opened a webpage called "Untitled", which is totally blank.  Nothing loads onto the page, and I'm also unable to open ANY other webpage from it.  I have to close my browser and restart it before I can continue to use the internet.  To get CCleaner updates, I have to visit the site via a link which I have now bookmarked (after closing and reopening the browser).  After I have visited the CCleaner site, I can then return to the Check For Updates button on the CCleaner dashboard and it will open the update page.

My browser is Chrome, version 74.0.3729.131

I am using CCleaner Free, currently on version ccsetup556.  This problem has existed for, I think, the last 3 or 3 releases


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