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Software Updater issue with Video LAN VLC Player

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My PC is Windows 7 x64 and I had previously installed VLC Player 64-bit.

Yesterday, your Software Updater installed the 32-bit edition of VLC Player.

Not only that, but it incorrectly displayed that the 64-bit edition had also been updated to latest version 3.0.6 when it was still version 3.0.5

This is a schoolboy level mistake in your CCleaner software that requires fixing.

FIO: I have today manually deleted VLC Player 32-bit, and visited the VLC Player download site, downloaded the 64-bit edition and installed it.

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Just because you are on a 64x machine does not mean you shouldn't use 32x apps. VLC 32x performs better so I'm told than the 64x. I'm happy to go into 32x/64x architecture in software development but only if you are truly interested. I would personally run the 32x if I used VLC.

As for the version issue can you show any proof? BTW does the updater auto update or did you tell it to update? 

There are no schoolboy mistakes here. 

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