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Speccy Startup Fails

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Speccy fails to start from registry during startup. I can't get it to start from the registry- standard startup command location - no matter what I do. I've tried nearly everything. I've installed and uninstalled twice with no change. The command syntax in the registry for startup works just fine when I punch it into the windows command bar - "C:\Program Files\Speccy\Speccy64.exe" /totray , but the registry start fails each and every time. I suspect there's a permissions and/or UAC issue(s).  I'm a registered Speccy Pro and CCleaner owner.  This has got to have a solution. I really want this app to perform as advertised. Has anyone got any suggestions or similar experiences?

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what do you mean 'start from registry'?
do you mean just start automatically like other programs do at startup? (and appear in msconfig)

also, since you have the Pro license, you are entitled to direct, priority support from Piriform, so raise a support ticket from their website and see if you get faster replies.
as to lack of any replies here, remember the forum is staffed mostly by volunteers who give up their time and advice freely.
lack of feedback usually is due to no-one being able to help you or the one person who can, hasn't logged in and seen this post yet.

and of course it can also be no-one gave a damn or understood the issue. :)


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