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Recuva suddenly useless - find's NOTHING


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Recuva has stopped working for me it seems. It simply finds NOTHING, not one deleted file (how should that even be possible on drives that have been in use for a while?). This now happened on on two different drives.

The first time it happened last week - an external HD where I had just accidentally deleted a video file (not via the trash bin), noticed immediately and used Recuva to recover it - Recuva found 0 (yes, zero!!!!) files on that disk. Different searches (removing all filters), but Recuva found NOTHING.

Then, today, I accidentally deleted the wrong raw file on my camera's SD card. Again, I noticed *immediately* and tried to get it back with Recuva - but again, NOTHING.


The software said something about over 30,000 files found and around 27,000 filtered, but showed NOTHING.


The software has become completely useless for me. In both cases, NOTHING was overwritten on the disk, I noticed the error immediately and started the recovery process immediately.

I guess I should delete Recuva from my computer and instead start using the trash bin again for all drives ... Or does somebody have a solution to make Recuva work again?

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Recuva hasn't been updated for over two years, so I doubt that it has suddenly changed. I assume that there is something being done  that is affecting Recuva's results but that is almost impossible to guess at this stage.


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