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Issues with passwords.

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For quite a while my system keeps losings password in chrome and maybe edge.

It seems every week or so my passwords get randomly wiped.  A couple of times it has forgot my computer and I needed to verify my Steam account again.

This has been going on all year long and I reinstalled Windows twice.

This current time, I only installed a minimal amount of programs on this gaming rig.  Then my system started slow booting a few weeks ago and I install CCleaner free to clean my system and it sped up a little bit.  

But then it started to randomly lose password and I had to retype my passwords.

It seems to get worse, and then I ran ccleaner recently again, after checking to make sure it wasn't cleaning passwords from my browsers, and it cleaned them anyway and I had to retype all of my passwords again.

I uninstalled ccleaner about a week ago and no issues since.

I also, never ran ccleaner during the password losses, and it didn't lose them all, only random ones needed reentering.  But when I ran ccleaner, it wiped them all.

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Some applications/websites don't save your passwords as passwords, I found this out a while back when I had a similar problem.

CCleaner will clear the saved passwords in your browser if you have that option checked, and won't if it's unchecked - but that's only the passwords that are saved in the browsers password file(s).

I found that certain apps, and websites, that I used saved the login details, including the password, elsewhere as 'Saved Form Information' and If I cleaned that with CCleaner then the saved login details were lost and had to be entered again.
Other apps saved the login information in their own temporary file that had to be made an exclusion in CC if you wanted to keep it.

You should also be aware that an increasing number of websites are disabling the 'autofill' feature for logins, especially sites that can take payments.
(And they'll often change it without announcing it to their users).
This means that you have to manually enter your login details every time you visit; even if your browser remembers your password the website won't let the browser autofill the box.
This is a security measure, if your device ever gets stolen/lost then whoever has it can't automatically log into your account at that site.

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