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Chrome History Not Being Cleaned

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I tried to search for this answer but never found any solutions.  CCleaner is not clearing my Chrome History.  I am using all the default setting.  I only use Chrome for internet.  In another post some info was requested so let's start with that:

Chrome Version 74.0.3729.108

Windows Pro 10, 64 bit, Version 10.0.17763

I am using Bitdefender AV.

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OK, then that will be why you can't clear it. (Well you can clear it off your machine, but it gets synced back again from the cloud).

If you clear anything that is synced (Timeline, browser history, etc.) from your machine then it will just get synced back again from the cloud server.

That's simply how syncronisation works - info about your activity, settings, etc. is saved in the cloud and then downloaded to your device(s) when you visit (log into) that synced service again.
The software (Timeline, browser, etc.) looks at the device you are using and if the info saved in the cloud isn't on there it downloads it automatically to the device.
That's how history from you PC browsing gets transfered (syncronised) to your tablet or phone and vice-versa.

Unless you clear the info from the cloud server it will keep being synced back to your machine(s).
And of course the cloud servers are owned by the software company(s) and they won't let 3rd party cleaners delete files from them.

The only effective way to clear synced information is from within each synced application itself which can delete things from it's own cloud server.

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