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Egad! Now My Desktop is Blank. On a Win 10 laptop.

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Just ran the latest version of ccleaner and overdid it on the clean settings with the result that my desktop is a beautiful blank blue hue (my chosen background). However, my taskbar works normally and I can use it and the start menu to open any program I wish. 

However, I really would like to have all my desktop icons back. Any ideas as to what I might have deep sixed would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

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Did you use the registry cleaner part of CCleaner?

If yes, did you make a backup when asked to do so?

Just in case, if you right-click on your desktop and select View, is 'Show Desktop Icons ticked' ?

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Thanx, Hazelnut! How easy when one has a brain cell still functioning....so glad you have tons of them sizzling away up there. And, thanks for the link to the CCleaner docs. 

So sorry for your country's loss of the Cathedral of Notre Dame. It is also a great loss for all the people of the Earth. The edifice can be rebuilt, but, its contents are forever gone. How sad.

Sid007 (from a ranch in Texas)

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