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Progress In The Battle Against The Filbert Blight

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Agricultural researchers in the USA have made a significant breakthrough in battling the eastern filbert blight which threatens to cripple hazelnut orchards.  


One intrepid researcher has risked life & limb to collect blight resistant seeds. 


Several decades into the battle, researchers seem to be winning, but one plant pathologist warns that the hazelnut isn't out of the woods yet. 
" Right now, we’re in a really great place, but we can’t rest on our laurels”



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I am devastated to be at risk :(

But on a more serious note, the dedication of the people in those links you posted is truly remarkable. The one who has worked for 20 years to create a hazelnut blight free tree deserves an award.

However people like that often get overlooked don't they.

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Yes, indeed. That one is a real if unsung hero.  Also, I was much encouraged to see that botanists have a sense of humor. :lol:

I'll go out on a limb here and predict that the eastern filbert blight be defeated, and you're safe for now.  :)

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