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Error Code 0x2fo8.

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Ronald Lowe

Apr 9, 23:55 EDT

This is a follow-up to your previous request #353844 "CCleaner Support"

Hello again Laurence.
Well! It happened again the same issue trying to install the mew CCleaner update.
When I tried to update to 5.56.7144 from 5.55.7108 I recieved Error Code 0x2fo8.
Same issue again
What can be done?
Do you send me another link every time there ia a new update?
Please help
Se ya

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Hello Laurence
Thank you for the very quick response and with a link to resolve my issue. This is why I love Piriform products and services.
From what you said it looks like I may also need to check my Firewall process.
I use Norton's suite of protection products which includes firewall protection and I don't use The Windows 10 protection.
I'll see what information I can find out regarding Norton's stuff. This started happening just about 6-8 months ago
Thanks for your help
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