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Software Updater thinks Beyond Compare is out of date


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What method is the Software Updater using to determine the version number of Beyond Compare?

On my primary desktop PC, I've got Beyond Compare 4.2.9 installed, which is the latest version. However, the software updater in CCleaner thinks that Beyond Compare 4.1.9 is installed. I've even tried installing 4.2.9 again, over itself, however the Software Updater still thinks that 4.1.9 is installed.

On my other PC, the Software Updater correctly recognizes that Beyond Compare 4.2.9 is installed.

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Does that program's .EXE file have the correct version info in it when right clicking it and selecting properties? This is all assuming that's where CCleaner is getting the version info from but I don't know off hand.

I only wondered because I noticed I use a freeware app where it appears the publisher forgot to change the version info in one area of the .EXE file when right clicking it, whereas in the app itself it displays the correct info in the title.

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I suspect that the Updater will simply be reading the Windows file table rather than looking for and querying each individual .exe file.

There have been a few complaints that it seems to be reading the version information wrongly for various programmes.
It's obviously still a work in progress that was/has been rushed out too early.

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