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Option to leave advanced mode


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I've been trying to recover files from a 2002 drive. I did a deep scan for all files.

When they were listed I went to the advanced mode to look for emails rather than go through the long list. There were none... in fact no files for those categories... music, photos etc. So what were all those files I originally saw?

But I could not get back to the original list. I did the scan all over again, but since I was still in advanced mode... again none showed up in those categories.

There needs to be a way to get back to the file listing in the original mode.

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The list of files you see in advanced mode is exactly the same list shown in the Wizard. I guess you had something in the filename/path box that excluded all your files.

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Thanks for responding. What wasn't appearing on the list of file types in the advanced mode was an option to get back to the master list of files. But in another scan I noticed how it might be by manually entering... D:\*  where the D here was my drive name.

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Posted as a separate topic (as it is), but typing in here; one reason we'd want to revert from Advanced to Simple is to get rid of the right-hand pane that is added after Advanced.

Also, in the context of checking existing rather than deleted files; need option to show only existing, i.e. hide deleted, and alert on quality (cross-link overwrites, etc.).

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