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ccleaner closes out of reports screen in safe mode

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After version 539 ccleaner closes and won't display the results of its clean but only when the program is run in safe mode.  I've been hoping this would be fixed but as its been going on now for about 6 months I'm wondering if it just hasn't been reported or its a "feature change".  Has anyone else noticed this behavior or have any input as to why this is happening.  Thanks!

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Is there a particular reason why you are still running v5.39? That's a pretty old version, we are up to 5.55 now and 5.56 is due anytime.

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Ummm, because the newer ones "close out the report screen".  I'm tried 5.55 and it runs but instead of displaying the summary screen it simply closes so I don't really know what was cleaned up.  This only seems to happen in safe mode not when windows is running in normal mode.

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