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Cannot Find Edge Registry Tweaks For CCleaner 5.55

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Sorry to post a "dumb user" question here, but I could not find a category for CCleaner Questions.  So here it is ...

When I downloaded CCleaner v5.55.7108 (12 Mar 2019), shortly after it was released, I noticed in the Release Notes that there were some Windows 10 Registry tweaks which would enable CCL to override MS Edge's existing-data-preservation cleaning blocks.  I noted this, but ignored it until now, when I went back to find it again.  But these registry tweaks were gone from the Release Notes (assuming I wasn't dreaming that I saw them there).

Can someone please assist me in locating the Edge Registry tweaks for CCSetup555.exe?  I'm not sure what dossier Edge is keeping on me, but I'd like to make sure CCL can erase it.

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