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Trying to view photos recovered from SD card

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Recuva has recovered previously deleted images from SD card which I have saved into a file on laptop. When I try to view them however the message "It appears that we don't support this file format"  is received - any suggestions?

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I was shooting video at the US border crossing coming back from Canada and the person at the booth demanded my camera. Oops. It, for me was just part of the vacation. To them it was a security threat. We had to go inside and I had to delete the video in front of them. I stopped using that SD care to avoid overwriting the videos. Back home I was able to recover them back home but they would not play. But I found a program that would take the correct headers or some info from a good file, and insert them in the damaged files. That worked. So I assumed there may be some similar program for damaged photos as well.

Mine was a  Canon camera. I don't know if all camera makes delete files differently.

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