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CCleaner Beta v5.56.003

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This release contains several improvements to the new Software Updater feature alongside improvements to IE/Edge cleaning.


Software Updater

- Software updater has been moved to the second slot in the ‘Tools’ menu

- Various crash fixes

- Improved software identification

- Added new software to the supported list


Browser Cleaning

- Added additional database tables for IE & Edge cleaning


Bug Fixes

- Fixed an issue causing blank rows in the ‘Cookies to Keep’ list



- Added support for the Malay language


Please comment on this topic if you find any additional bugs, issues or if anything listed above is not fixed for you.






ccsetup556_beta.exe - CCleaner Beta - Slim Installer

MD5: 8523b307b55b58420976f10a955588b9

SHA256: 015225a04f84ca2ccbd09b7aa14e387ec6eec7d6ea40eb28f7b0e92fb3ece548

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The beta 5.56 did not fix the missing Software Updater issue for me.

Is there a way users might have accidentally disabled the feature? I couldn't find one.

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Both reported errors still occur:

1) 0x2efd: A connection to the server can not be established

2) An error occured with code: Failed To Make Connection (26)

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In Mozilla Firefox  60.6.1 esr (64-bit)  CCleaner Beta v5.56.003 now just no cookies, I open the site, go with a password, and Cookies to Keep’ list there is no such file...

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Yet Problem with WSCSVC (Windows security center)

Why does CCleaner include this service? And why when the service is disabled forcibly, does CCleaner start to slow down without it?
How are they related?

here's a video how it happens https://yadi.sk/i/zdP2XBo9QRD2Vg


in version 5.32 I have no such problem

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