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It's normal behaviour. That cookie is actually a text file that simply says: "Cookies are no longer stored in files.  Please use Internet*Cookie* APIs to access cookies"

It's put there automatically by Windows so that anyone/anything still trying to access IE cookies as files will see it.

If you delete it then Windows will just recreate it again.

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Do not worry at all, cookie are just temporary placed for the site in browser. which may hold some basic info about user and his stats.

It does not hold any sensitive details. So all is good.

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1 hour ago, scdroid13 said:

It does not hold any sensitive details. So all is good.

depends on what you classify as sensitive.

cookies are prime targets for malware type of infections due to the very nature of data they can contain, like for example, an email address, web sites visited, and passwords (yes, they are encrypted but not all sites create cookies to any sort of standard)

anyway, old thread and OP has not re-visited since he posted.

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