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Major hack of ASUS Updater.


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It's come to light that the ASUS 'Live Update' utility was 'backdoored' with malware. (Similar to the CCleaner hack in 2017).

Official statement made yesterday by ASUS:


A small number of devices have been implanted with malicious code through a sophisticated attack on our Live Update servers in an attempt to target a very small and specific user group.

Sounds a lot like the 2017 CCleaner infection.
We'll wait to see just how big this 'small number of devices' turns out to be. (But it's believed to be 500K plus).

ASUS have released a tool to check if your computer has been infected:

Download it and unzip/run the ASTD.exe.

*** Out of Beer Error ->->-> Recovering Memory ***

Worried about 'Tracking Files'? Worried about why some files come back after cleaning? See this link:


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