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CCleaner auto-cleaning on boot ! Not asked for!

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First the details:
Windows 7 Ultimate SP1.  CCleaner Professional 5.55.7108 64-bit

I've just realised that CCleaner has started to AUTOMATICALLY CLEAN upon startup reboot after I had a blue-screen.
I did not realise this was a "feature" of auto-starting CCleaner, especially when, as far as I can tell, I've set the options to ALWAYS PROMPT before doing anything.

This is very annoying, because it prevents analysing what the heck happened just before a blue screen.

Is there any way to turn this auto-clean off but still have CCleaner start with Windows (to give me a tray-icon and do its monitoring)?


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Uncheck run at startup, this is a badly worded setting, it means clean at startup

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