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CCleaner wont clean and repair instructions are valid...

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Well, in order for CCleaner to properly clean Edge without it notifying that it has to have that registry fix in place I'd say it is in fact a CCleaner problem. They could easily remedy the issue via the installer by creating those registry keys, or even supply an official .REG file for people to import instead of those incorrect instructions they've been told about in posts on more than one occasion where those registry keys do not exist instead they have to be created.

Not everyone is comfortable manually editing the registry which was why I supplied those instructions for creating the .REG file in the first place. It would take them an insignificant amount of time to post an official .REG file people could download and import!

Of course the other option is to configure Edge in its settings to automatically clean itself after it gets exited - all browsers have that ability and do a good enough job.

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I think it's just a coincidence that your fans are running louder!:huh:

In any case if you use RegEdit (Start > Run > regedit) and right-click and manually delete what's under this key location, in particular what the .REG file added into it which was AllowPrelaunch and AllowTabPreloading, and then restart your computer:

Note that removing it will cause CCleaner to start complaining again when you attempt to clean Edge with it.

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