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CCleaner runs too long

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Several years ago CCleaner was having a problem with taking a long time, several minutes or more, to complete a "run", or on occasion it would not complete the run at all.

Usually this just takes a matter of seconds.

The same thing started happening in the latest 2 versions of CCleaner.  It does complete the run, but takes far to long.


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I searched out the original thread I participated in on this subject back in October of 2014

Long task cycles - CCleaner Bug Reporting - Piriform Community Forums

It took quite a while after that before the problem was solved.  It had nothing to do with my system.  It got ironed out in a future version, but not acknowledged as far as I know.

I'm not on a network.  No mapped drives.  No antivirus, Windows Defender only.

I use a portable version of CCleaner.  The problem began immediately after I updated to the version before the current one.  Everything was fine before that.  I'm familiar with the symptoms.  I recognized it right away.

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I just reverted back to CCleaner 5.53.7034.  "Run Cleaner" has now returned to normal. 

Task cycles that took up to one minute with the latest CCleaner versions now only take a few seconds.

So as before in 2014, it has nothing to do with a problem in my system or setup.

Has nobody but me has experienced what I described?


Windows 10 Pro, Firefox 60 rc3


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