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Browser pop-up ad for CCleaner upon startup

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Every time upon startup for the past several weeks, I have had an Edge window open with an ad for a CCleaner upgrade.  Still occurs even after uninstalling.

Where is the file that causes this behavior located so I can delete the ad-ware?  I don't see 'Piriform' 'CCleaner' or 'Avast' anywhere in my installed programs, running/idle processes, or scheduled/startup tasks.


Thank you.

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It looks as if you have somehow set that page to be your homepage, so it will always be the first page shown when you open Edge.

It's a setting in Edge that does this, not any file.

Go into your Edge settings and reset the homepage, or set it to a different one.


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If you can remember, what did you install before this started happening ?

Whatever it was, dont trust the company who created its installer ever again. Browser hijacks are an old and unwelcome trick. Installers from less reputable companies do such things like browser hijacks, pups (probably unwanted programs) and adware. Sometimes they will have a custom button in the installer which will then let you see all the extra stuff the installer will do, and because most people just click next, everything gets installed because you allowed it to happen. Then there are some which just brazenly dont give a damn.

Didnt CCleaner get bought by another company recently?, and started pushing adverts through windows notifications or its own systray app (edit: See this topic .. 

.. and also Moderator Hazelnuts response to Piriform Stephens BS answer).

Anyway whatever did it .. Your homepage has been changed, and somehow the browser is auto loading (there are a few ways that can be done)

Even if you uninstalled the culprit that made these changes, the changes would remain.

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CCleaner doesn't force a homepage change. That page will display if you finish a manual install and choose to see the release notes for the installed version. That should happen once per install and no more.

Try changing the homepage in your browser (it looks like Chrome): https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95314?hl=en-GB

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