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CCleaner v5.54.7088 does not prescribe Cookies

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Usually this is caused by the browser still being open when entering ccleaner.  Try to exit all browsers (check task manager for orphaned processes).

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Interestingly I just took a look at this with 5.54 and initially I was seeing the same blank cookie window.
I left it open and without me touching anything it suddenly populated with the cookies after about 10-15 seconds or so.

I can see this repeatedly now.
Launch CC and immediately go to the cookies.
It's blank for about 3 seconds and then populates.
I'm guessing that the initial 10-15 second lag was because that was the first launch of CC since booting.

So it looks like it's just a lag with 5.54 taking it's time to detect and list the cookies.

It may take even longer if you are using winapp2 or another extension?

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