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Hey everyone, I'm experienced with computers (not a pro, but I know the basics of what I'm doing).

Here recently I wanted to update to Windows 10 and transferred all my files to an external HDD. I left it running and I plugged it into my laptop to transfer them onto there. Somewhere along the way it was disconnected and the operation was aborted. The HDD turned into GTP from MBR. I tried to run chkdsk through the Tools tab, but my wife disconnected it during the file scan. It went from GTP to RAW, so I got Recuva and started a deep scan.

All the files were discovered, as well as the file sizes. After the recovery, I went to check the files, but most of the important files (Photos of our son, wedding day, etc) are all 0Kb. It also isn't able to find file locations even when they are listed.

Would a chkdsk /f work or would it delete the photos?

EDIT: Ran chkdsk (no /f or /r) and got this:

"The type of the file system is NTFS.
Unable to determine volume version and state.  CHKDSK aborted."

chkdsk /r would work, but I think Windows would identify the photos as 0kb and delete them.

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